About Us

High Tide Smoke Shop is a head shop in the Houston area.  We are in a great location to serve several communities.  Cities within a few minutes drive are Houston, South East Houston, South Houston, Galveston, Kemah, Seabrook, Clear Lake, Webster, Nassau Bay and Pasadena.  Of course you can get here from any city but these are right next door. 

We provide our customers with excellent customer service and product lines.  Our products consist of what you may expect to find in most head shops.  We have pipes, glass pipes, glass bubblers, glass hookahs, hookahs, one hitters, screens and seals, incense, k2 incense, Serenity Now incense, various herbal incense, scales, vaporizers, rolling papers, and detox products just to name a few.

We are well versed in the business and can provide our customers with quality products they can come to count on.  We are an open minded business who has always been willing to handle each customer on an individual basis.  We are able to adapt our product lines to keep with greater demand or new products.  We appreciate our customers feed back and opinions on what products they like, what they use, and what they'd like to see.  Though this communication with our friends and customers we are able to offer you great prices and new items to come your way.